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Hitting 394!

Light level 394! — Watch live at

Treasure from the Queen?

Is Varriks a pimp, or what? — Watch live at

Treasure from the Queen?

Is Varriks a pimp, or what? — Watch live at

Jim talks about a new schedule!

Jim’s schedule is doing a 180, and he talks about it a little here. — Watch live at

390? No Big Deal.

Jim hits Light level 390. NBD. No Big Deal. — Watch live at

Jim Gets Thorn! (Again)

Jim gets a Year 3 Thorn, and some other great goodies, on his way to Light level 400. — Watch live at

Real Talk from Jim – Patch Notes & Stress

Jim talks about some personal progress, his struggle with the timing of the 2.4.1 Destiny patch, and his excitement for the new Light level. — Watch live at

Keep on Grinding