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Why you kickin’ me out of the server, SON?!

DICE. Come the fuck on already, —

Watch_Dogs “confirmed” release date & the future of video game collecting

Jim discusses the “confirmed” release window of Watch_Dogs, and the effects of Always-Online gameplay on the culture of collecting video games.

PlayStation Gold Wireless headset review

Jim reviews the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo headset (PS4). Yes, you can buy them at retail stores now!

A lot of common questions are asked and expanded on in the comments, so, please read them if you have any unanswered questions from the review. If no one’s asked, have at it!

Thanks for all the great conversations so far!



PART 2 coming soon!

GHJ’s PS Vlog: Ownership vs. Streaming games vs. Always-Online Gameplay

Ownership vs. Streaming games vs. Always-Online gameplay: which is most important to the future of gaming?