Over a decade…

Eleven years ago today, I became a father. It hasn’t been the ride I expected, but I am proud of my daughter, Madison, and know that she’s going to continue to grow into an amazing human being. Happy Birthday, Madison. I love you.

PlayStation Gold Wireless headset review

Jim reviews the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo headset (PS4). Yes, you can buy them at retail stores now! A lot of common questions are asked and expanded on in the comments, so, please read them if you have any unanswered questions from the review. If no one’s asked, have at it! Thanks for all the

Flint for the imagination

Growing up, a word that came up quite often around me was “imagination”. I was always conjuring up my own little universes, inspired by the staples of the time: Godzilla, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Spider-man, the Super-Friends, and so on. If my creativity was the wood, and these inspirations the fuel,