The State of Collecting in 2022 [w/the Chasing 80’s Toys crew]

via IFTTT Jim is joined by Chris, Pete, & Jeff of Chasing 80’s Toys to discuss the current state of collecting in the modern age: what’s different, what’s the same, and where we may be going as a community going forward. Please follow their amazing work over at Chasing 80’s Toys –

The State Of Pre-Ordering In 2022: Modern Convenience or Stress Factory?

via IFTTT Jim talks about pre-ordering as a concept, both pre-and-post COVID, how it affects collectors, where it is, and where it seems to be going. Come join the discussion! #preorders #toys #collecting

Is Mattel Learning From Their Mistakes? [March’s MOTU Figure Reveals]

via IFTTT Jim has a lot to say about the recent MOTU reveals over the past week, and has to wonder if this is Mattel starting to understand fan frustrations, or, if this is just business as usual for the toy giant. #motu #reveals #2022 #origins #motuorigins

Marvel Selects Roundup – Immortal Hulk and Venom

via IFTTT Jim reviews the Marvel Select versions of Immortal Hulk and Venom from Diamond Select Toys! Will they fill a niche hole in his Marvel collection, or will they suck like a black hole? Support the channel: Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Website: YouTube: Podcast: […]

‘Toys Store Paralysis’ & A Visit To Dallas Vintage Toys

via IFTTT Jim discusses the phenomena of toy store paralysis, and a recent visit to Dallas Vintage Toys. Have you ever been to a toy store and been unable to focus on anything? #dallasvintagetoys #discussion #colelcting #toyhunts

The Impending Move: What’s Coming?

via IFTTT Jim discusses the impending move to a larger space/studio, and asks what you want to see in content, as well as asking for tips on toy display. #toys #discussion #display

Impulse Buys, Prioritization, and the Unexpected: How do YOU plan your Collecting Habits?

via IFTTT Jim discusses brick and mortar/online buying, pre-orders, budgeting, and how we prioritize our collections. #toys #collecting #videogames #bluray #discussion

Mattel Creations Botches Sun Man Shipping Delays

via IFTTT Jim discusses the completely backwards methods Mattel Creations are leveraging to handle the shipping delay of the much-anticipated Collector’s Edition Sun-Man release. Support the channel: Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Website: YouTube: Podcast: Channel Artwork by Visuals By Impulse: All channel music […]

Have Super-Heroes Become A Religion?

via IFTTT Jim discusses the modern mythos borne of comic books, and poses a question in the face of fanatical support for the modern ideas surrounding them: Have super-heroes become gods? Support the Stream LIVE: Support the Channel: #toys #nostalgia #movies #videogames #retrogames #70s #80s #90s

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