Completionism – Where do you draw the line?

via IFTTT Jim discusses completionism in collecting – retail, variants, packaging, errors, vintage, modern… where does it start and stop for you? Support the Stream LIVE: Support the Channel: #toys #nostalgia #movies #videogames #retrogames #70s #80s #90s

Even More Unboxing PLUS Contribute to a future Video!

via IFTTT Jim de-packages several toys while chatting, plus you get exclusive access to provide feedback for a specific video already in production (LINK BELOW) ! To participate in the FAQ/AMA, please respond to thie survey by 11:59 PM CST on Monday, February 7th [all feedback is completely anonymous] : Support the Stream LIVE: […]

The Power of Nostalgia: A discussion about toys, games, and more [w/Jay Hunter]

Jay Hunter of the Game & Toy Chasers joins us for a special discussion about nostalgia itself, and why it seems to affect children of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s more than any generations before or since. Check out Jay’s channel: Check out The Game Chasers: Pre-Order Adventures In Game Chasing:–3/x/440405#/ #gamechasers […]

MOTU Origins Waves

Figures: He-Man Skeletor Battle Armor He-Man Battle Armor Skeletor “Vintage” He-Man “Vintage” Skeletor Beast Man Clamp Champ Evil-Lyn (yellow) Evil-Lyn (flesh tone) Faker Fisto Hordak (non-deluxe) Hordak (Deluxe) LOP Mer Man Mer Man Man E Faces Man-At-Arms (Duncan) Ninjor Origins of Evil 2-pack (Target) Orko Prince Adam Ram Man Roboto Scare Glow She-Ra Stratos ( […]

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