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All prerelease Destiny codes, plus automatic entry:

Thanks to Reddit user A13x231, all 25 prerelease codes for Destiny have been compiled in one, well-organized place. You can find the codes, as well as a clever Javascript for automatic entry (seriously, how fucking cool is that?) here. I can verify that the codes and script are both 100% legit. Pro tip: hit “enter” 

New Destiny Codes Leaked

N4G is reporting some free-for-all codes for use on Bungie’s website towards emblems, as well as other freebies for the upcoming game, Destiny, from the booklet included in limited edition copies. Have at it, Guardians. Source: http://n4g.com/news/1579537/destiny-codes-to-unlock-extra-limited-edition-content-leaked-not-one-time-use-redeem-now