C4DC Clan News Episode 1: January 7, 2015

Jim updates you on Clan initiatives for gaming and charity events. Look for these updates bi-weekly, at a minimum, moving forward.

Channel Art by J-Lizzle: http://ghjim.info/1zXFWms

Forum & Clan Hub: http://ghjim.info/1zXFWCJ
Clan Information: http://ghjim.info/10dhb5f
Twitter: http://ghjim.info/1zXFVyM
Google +: http://ghjim.info/10dhe0Z
Facebook: http://ghjim.info/1zXFWCM
                  http://ghjim.info/10dhe10 (Network)
Twitch: http://ghjim.info/1zXFVyP
            http://ghjim.info/10dhe11 (Team Channel)
Website: http://ghjim.info/1zXFWCN
YouTube: http://ghjim.info/10dhdKw


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