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Destiny Golden Chest Locations guide will help you find all the items in the game.

Destiny Golden Chest Locations are throughout the entire game in which they will need to be located to upgrade as you advance in the game. Chest items can be found in the story mode as you move through the entire story of the game you will find all necessary loot items.  Follow the game guide below to find all the Golden Chest locations in Destiny and Rewarded green quality 90 armor Sparrow which is better than the one you start the game with. As you find the Golden Chest you will be able to upgrade weapons, armor and many more aspects of the guardian you are using. There are 5 golden chest locations per planets in Destiny.

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Destiny Golden Chest Locations

Earth Gold Chests Locations

1. Dock 13 – starting from steppes, you will enter the building that takes you to Dock 13 and you will head into the next room. You will find the Gold Chest on top of a desk. Not hard to miss.

2. Forgotten Shore – The gold chests location is on the base of the forgotten shore cliff, which is by Terrestrial complex, you will see the gold chest right next to the water. You can just walk to to and is all yours.

3. Forgotten shore mothyards – As you enter the forgotten shores toward Mothyards and follow it as it curves left nd then back right. Turn to the right and side an you will see the beautiful water falling in front of a cave. Now there inside is your golden chest.

4.  Lunar complex – This golden chest is where you took down the hive wizard during the Dark within. Just jump onto the room and on the left and you will see the chest. not hard to miss.

5. Devil’s Lair – This gold chest can be found only through the Devil’s Lair Strike. Either during the fight with Sepiks prime or just after defeating it. search under the right platform.

Moon Gold Chests Locations

1. Temple of Crota – Enter the temple of Crota, as you drop to the lower floor and move to the right you will see an exit. Follow the path into the hive temple. Go across the bridge into the ship and continue out the right side and you will stop at the end of the ramp. See down to the right to check  and you will see your gold chest.

2. Archer’s Line to hellmouth – As you go into Hellmouth from archer’s line you will sick a bunch or rocks on the left just before the short bridge and you will find your gold chest.

3. Arche’s Line to Hall Wisdom – Climb the hill across from the starting point in Archer’s Line, cut through the debilitated dome structure and you follow the pass that lead to the hive fortress. Take the spiral ramp that lead you to the bottom of the cave and enter the water to the right of the hall of Wisdom. there is your next gold chest location.

4. The world’s Grave – Find the next gold chest in the world’s grave room, you will drop into the water right away and search along the rocky wall to get your gold chest.

5. The Summoning pits – The Gold chest can be access through the moon strike,. the summoning pit. head over to the lower platform at the far end of the arena and check between the two staircases.

Venus Gold Chests Locations

1. Shattered Coast to Ishtar Academy – head into the the hole in the shattered coast and follow the tunnel toward Ishtar Academy. The gold chest will be before you reach the bend where you will look back to find the gold chest.

2. Campus – After you enter Campus 9 from the waking ruins, you will go to the far building next the waterfall, you will see the gold chest location next to the structure.

3. N/Gen Branch – The next gold chest location is by entering N/Gen Branch from Ishtar commons and head to the right. Move into the small building and search the central cubicles for the gold chest location.

4. Winter’s Lair – Follow the trail around the outside of the cavern until tyou reach the upper overlook. Move out onto the horizontal pole and jump over the right ledge and you will see the gold chest.

5. The Cinders – You will need to fight your way onto the ketch. Turn to the right and move to the very back and then move down to the lower ledge to find the next gold chest location.

Mars Gold Chests Locations

1. The Barrens – Head to the loading zone, from there go over to the circular Cabal outpost that sits near the exit to scablands. The cchest is on top of crates.

2. Barrens to the Hollows – In the tunner between Barren and the Hollow you will look for a small opening above before emerging downtown. Go into the hole and see to your right.

3. Dust Palace – Inside the Dust Palace you will see the first door that is open in the Dust Place Strike . check for a door that has a number 3 and you will see the gold chest behind the reception desk.

4. Iron Line – at the giant gate that lead to the legion’s keep, you rill run along the left walkway, jump onto the big pipes in the corner and turn around. Jump up to the walkway and on the left and follow it all the way where you will find the chest.

5. Tharsis Junction – Inside the subway at the tharsis Juction you will see for the Vex gate that is in the corner behind the train cars. in there there is a small room where you will go inside and go behind the fencing  in the far corner. There is your final Gold chest location.

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