The GrindFam & C4DC: Destiny 2 Hub for Part-Time, Hardcore Guardians

Effective immediately, I am changing the focus of my content.

We will be focusing on tips, tricks, and assistance on how to effectively grind in Destiny 2.  There are ways to maximize your time without taking an inordinate amount of it, and we’re here to help you do that.

All too many Destiny content creators get a bad rap for playing Destiny 40-70 hours a week, which gives rise to the assumption and attitude of,

“Of course you have everything, you play ten times as much as anyone I know.”

There’s a disconnect, no?

So many of us in the community can’t relate to that. We have partners, jobs, kids, responsibilities… Other games, even.

I think it’s time for the IRL Guardians to be represented. We’ll become the beacon for the part-timers, and show them how to respect and enjoy the moments they can spare for the hobby we love.

Welcome To The GrindFam, and the C4DC Clan.
We’re here to help.

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