Toy Terminology and Acronyms


Condition Terms & Abbreviations:
means “Mint on Card” This most often means the toy is mint and presumably complete, but does not necessarily mean the card is mint, or that the figure on it is still factory sealed.
 similar to above, but means: “Mint on Sealed Card” and means the card is sealed.
Means the figure is still in its original packaging which is usually a hanging card with the toy is a little plastic blister.
 means “Mint in box” Most often the toy would be mint and complete and in its original box (which may or may not be sealed).
means “Mint in Sealed Box” and means the toy is still factory sealed in its original box.
means the toy is in its original packaging, which is a box (it may or may not be sealed)
MISMB or MOSMC (very rarely used terms)
means “mint in sealed mint box” and “mint on sealed mint card“. (a very desirable pristine condition)
means the toy is out of its original packaging (and the leftover packaging would not be present or included with the toy)
Means the toy being sold was re-released by the manufacturer.
means basically “The old ones” or “The Original
Figure has all of its original accessories.
A reproduction of a legitimate toy, commonly made in third-world countries and made of inferior materials.
A change in paint scheme to provide a variant.  Also used to make another character.
Changing of parts on preexisting figures to create a variant or a new character.
 A repaint/remold of an existing figure, produced in a limited numbers to increase demand ,usually having more effect on secondary markets than retailer sales.
Series /Wave
 subset of toys in a toyline, often shipped out in the same timeframe, or same box.
Collector Grade
The condition desired by collectors, which varies.
ARTICULATION Refers to the toy’s pose ability, where a type of joint is. The more articulation a figure has, the more pose ability it generally has; a figure with basic joints at the neck and shoulders would be said to have three points of articulation.
Buy/Sell/Trade Terms & Abbreviations:

For Sale
FT/TT For Trade/To Trade
WTB Want to Buy
WTT Want to Trade
NFS/NFT Not for Sale/Not for Trade
Brands and Toy Lines Abbreviations:
HAS: Hasbro
MAT/Matty: Mattel
KEN: Kenner
TB: Toy Biz
TRU: Toy R Us
SW: Star Wars
ANH: A New Hope
ESB: Empire Strikes Back
ROTJ: Return of the Jedi
EP1: Episode 1
ROTS: Revenge of the Sith
CW: Clone Wars
POTF: Power of the Force
POTJ: Power of the Jedi
SOTE: Shadows of the Empire
JOE: G.I. Joe
RAH: Real American Hero (G.I. Joe)
ROC: Rise of Cobra (G.I. Joe)
RES: Resolute (G.I. Joe)
MOTU: Masters of the Universe
MOTUC: Masters of the Universe Classics
TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
BTAS: Batman the Animated Series
LOB: Legends of Batman
LOTDK: Legends of the Dark Knight (Batman)
PR: Power Rangers
SLU: Starting Line Up
FF: Fantastic Four
ML: Marvel Legends
MU: Marvel Universe
DCU: DC Universe
DCUC: DC Universe Classics

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