Virtual Reality is an investment in the future. The Vive is barely the down payment.

Before I say anything else, it’s not my view that anyone should feel obligated to purchase software of any kind on any platform.

The argument regarding VR software price seems to come up over an over around here. I think there’s a central point that gets missed amongst all the comment strings:
Buying the hardware for virtual reality was the first step to ensuring its place in the home for consumers, not the last.

Without supporting developers in all possible ways (sometimes, a pat on the back is enough; other times, not so much), this platform will die. Obviously, download numbers for free and inexpensive games help to create buzz and impetus for larger development projects. That said, without developers like Phosphor Games and Survios taking the risks of the first attempts for what we as a community regard as AAA games, there’s no hard evidence that it can work.
I’m not sure that there’s anyone in [the Vive subreddit] that doesn’t understand that, so it really bugs me on a basic level when people start winging on about game prices.
Don’t give me any bellyaching about Early Access, because, by now, you know damn well how to differentiate a shit pre-Alpha VR game from something like Budget Cuts or Raw Data.

Free is great – I fucking love free. What about the glorious bastard who gave us Lightblade (and is updating the fuck out of it, I might add)?
Ultimately, this medium will, like it or not, be built on its financial viability just as much as its artistic validity.

If you think that isn’t the case, sell your Vive, Rift, or cancel your PSVR pre-order right now.

I am NOT saying “spend your money on everything”, because that’s another Wii on our hands. Spend your money as you like, and let it speak for itself. The market will create its own landscape.
Now that money is out of the way, how about the other part: support. I see a ton of devs getting a lot of support from people excited for their games! Keep it up – it’s not ALL about the almighty dollar. A small request, however: assume that the developer knows that we want multiplayer until after the first full update that goes up on it after EA release. It’s a pretty well-worn request. 😉
Lastly, if you are reading this, thank you. You’re helping my boyhood dreams come true by supporting technology I honestly thought I wouldn’t live to see. We may disagree on the route, but I think we can all agree on the destination. Vivers, I love you, one and all.

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